Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Waiting Game

The sun has finally peeked out from behind the clouds this morning after 4 days of gloom and rain.  The air smells delightfully of damp soil and a gentle breeze amuses itself by teasing the last few leaves from the tree branches.  The grass seed I planted in October now grows thick and glows brilliantly green through the drab colors of the fallen leaves.  Life is good.

Waiting seems to be an inevitable part of living close to Nature.  Everything has its own time and cannot be hurried.  Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter come and go in an unending spiral of frenzied growth, quiet maturity, and rest.  Plants grow, bear fruit, and die.  It may be possible to force a change in these patterns, one can indeed, grow strawberries in December.  But the cost is so very high.  What Mother Nature provides freely in her own time, light, warmth, and moisture, must be supplied with a great deal of work and energy.  Is it worth it?  Perhaps we should thoroughly enjoy the dew-kissed ruby fruit in Summer and learn the joy of anticipation the rest of the year.  Each season has its flavor, sweet asparagus, crisp greens, and tart rhubarb in Spring, the dizzying abundance of flavor and texture in Summer and Autumn, and hearty squash, sweet carrots, and savory potatoes in Winter.

Today is an important day for Rosey, although I doubt she is at all concerned.  So maybe I should say it is an important day for me.  Today is the day she should go back into heat if she wasn't bred three weeks ago.  Of course she had to tease me last night, crying loudly and asking for more food.  My heart sank with the thought that perhaps she wasn't just asking for food.  But this morning she showed no more interest in Pepe than usual.  Of course, she may change her mind tomorrow, but I'm very hopeful. 

After all... baby goats and fresh creamy cheese are worth the wait!

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